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  • 2018 International Lighting Exhibition

    2018 International Lighting Exhibition

    1. Poland - International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2018 Here is a thrilling news that we have took part in the International Fair of Lighting Equipment from 31st January to...
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  • 2018 New Collection

    2018 New Collection

    This family serves as a supplement to both 'Mozart' and 'Beethoven' by adopting the SMD light source OSRAM2835 to provide a softer light distribution; Unparalleled versatility in applications, ranging from architectu...
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  • Find the right led light 2017 – mozart

    Find the right led light 2017 – mozart

    If you’re an old friend of LAVIKI, I’m sure you must be quite familiar with this product. This collection was developed out of thin air in June 2017 and has constituted our best-seller ever since, it’s our “magic” mo...
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